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Travelling with your family for the first time using your own car can be overwhelming. Even though it gets easier the more you do it, but you have to face more challenges every time, especially when you travel with your kids. When you’re driving your sedan, SUV, pickup, or wagon, there are chances that your trunk or cargo area gets messy and would need some serious organising.

When you place your items in your trunk, there are tendencies that the things stored might slide around. Some things belong in a trunk, such as an emergency kit and other items, might get removed. To avoid these situations, here are the top ten tips you need to consider why and how to organise your trunk for a safe and comfortable journey.


Heavy items rolling about can cause accidents when a vehicle stops short or is involved in a collision because of the uneven weight distribution and sudden weight shifting. In an emergency, loose items in your car become airborne projectiles capable of inflicting severe injury on passengers and causing significant damage inside the vehicle. It can also impact vehicle handling in unexpected ways.

To prevent harm caused by loose items in your car, ensure that all your things are organised back there and remove unused and unnecessary items, especially for longer trips to avoid injuries and to improve passenger’s safety.


The heavier your carloads are, the more energy is needed to get it running, thus the increase in its fuel consumption. Removing unnecessary cargo will increase your vehicle’s fuel mileage so you could save money. Besides, if your trunk is organised, it will be easy to find stuff like bottled water, oil, or other necessities; this will save you money from purchasing duplicate items.


A lot of people feel extremely uncomfortable with clutters, chaos, and disorders not only in their cars but as well as in other areas of their lives. If you are among these types of people, it will definitely make you comfortable and happier driving or riding a clean, organised vehicle.


Removing everything from your car trunk and cleaning it thoroughly is the very first thing to do if you want your organisation done smoothly. After everything is cleaned and removed, you will now have an idea of what items to put back and how it should be placed neatly.


Multi-compartment organisers and other car organisation products can be easily purchased, which are very helpful in keeping your trunk in order and neat. There are plenty of options for you, depending on the type of your vehicles as well as your lifestyle. Knowing what stays on your trunk and having the right place for it is the key to keeping everything organised.


Numerous products are better kept out of the trunk. Instead of putting your purse or fabric grocery bag on the trunk, it would be more convenient if you place them near you so you could quickly get them when needed and that they won’t spill over and cause chaos on the trunk. You can put hook slips on your car seat’s headrest to hang your bags and other items that have handles.


Loading many items on your car also means the larger time needed for the organisation. Only put the things that are necessary, such as first aid kit, flashlight, fresh batteries, flares, emergency warning triangles, and other travel essentials. Do not forget to bring a blanket and small snow shovel if you are travelling during the winter.


Trunks are designed for items that should not be carried inside the car, such as sandbox sand, snow-covered or muddy boots, and potty soil. This doesn’t mean, though, that you will just let other items inside the trunk suffer from the dirt and damaging stains. You may purchase trunk floor liners to protect your car from spills and moisture, and make it easier to clean.


If your trunk is dirty, you might also get dirt on your clothes or hands whenever you retrieve something out from the trunk. To prevent your clothes from getting dirty, it is vital to ensure that this area of your car is always clean. You may also purchase a trunk protector that will work as protection that you can lean on when you need to get something from your trunk.


Spills and damage on the items inside the trunks inevitably happen if they are not contained in their designated containers. To avoid all the hassles and frustrations that come with a messy trunk, it is necessary to invest in boxes, bars, straps, and barriers to keep everything in its place. Having these items are a big help in keeping your trunk cleaned, organised, and safe even on a very long trip.

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