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Our History

Classic Travelling Luggage started life originally as HillsAlive Luggage, founded by Rob Hill. Rob, a keen classic car enthusiast, couldn’t find suitable luggage to fit his Morgan so decided to make his own. The key to the success of the luggage lay in Rob’s engineering background and attention to detail, each piece being expertly measured and designed to fit.

Sarah Dowding now owns the company and re-branded to Classic Travelling Luggage, as she also founded and owns Classic Travelling, a renowned driving holiday company.

Having purchased the fitted luggage over a decade ago for her Morgan and enjoyed its ease of use, quality and robustness, Sarah then also purchased more sets for her other cars. 

Classic Travelling tour participants also found the luggage incredibly useful and have recommended it to numerous people over the years. It really was a case of “we liked the product so much we bought the company”. It was a natural progression to buy the luggage company, rebrand and re-launch as Classic Travelling Luggage.